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Aphrodite’s Temple Principles

By entering and participating in Aphrodite’s Temple, you agree to adhere to the following principles:


The Sacred Sex Temple is a space for adults only.  You must be 18 years or older to participate.


Aphrodite’s Temple is a gathering which maintains confidentiality.  By attending, you agree to maintain full confidentiality of all participants, experiences, and activities.  What occurs here stays here.


Aphrodite’s Temple is a community of sex positive kindred spirits.  As part of this community you are welcome to be an active agent in the process of our events, topics, and educational materials.  If you have sexual expertise and knowledge, we would love to have you present and / or recommend activities that are of interest to you.  As a community member, we welcome your ideas and interests.


Participate actively.  If you choose observation as your form of participation, observe actively.  Do not “vampire” energy from the group.  Allow energy to flow back to the group.  Raise your erotic energy while observing.  Masturbation is permitted as an active form of participation.  Erotic drumming, erotic chanting, and producing erotic sounds are permitted as long as it is conducive and contributes to the energy of this space.  Healthy consensual voyeurism and exhibitionism is a symbiotic activity, both parties obtaining good but different erotic energy and benefits.  


Temple events are sacred space and are clothing optional.  Dress erotically or be naked to support the atmosphere and environment of Aphrodite’s Temple gatherings.  (This includes both virtual and face to face events.)  Inside the temple is an erotic attire / nudity only space.  Besides, dressing up sexy or displaying your sexy body will bring out your sexy self and help you get into your erotic headspace.


If you choose to participate more actively, obtain permission before engaging with others.  No means no and needs no explanations.  Do not take it personally.  Realize that no means no, the energy is not right to actively participate.  Move on to another activity and/or person as is appropriate.


Aphrodite’s Temple honors all forms of sexual activities between consenting adults.  If you have a form of sexual activity that is edgy, contact Ladyboy Gigi at to aid you in setting up a safe environment that provides informed consent for all who attend and / or participate.  Aphrodite’s Temple can add special gatherings in addition to the regular scheduled events.


If a particular activity is not within your comfort zone, leave the area.  Either start activities you are into or join others in activities that you desire to engage with others.  If you encounter a sexual activity that causes distress, reach out to Ladyboy Gigi at  I am here for you and can aid in processing these emotions.


Have the ability to say no, when the energy is not right for you.  If you are not able to say no, we cannot say no for you.  Please do not attend if you are not able to take responsibility for yourself.


The BDSM principles of safe, sane, and consensual apply in this space.  Be clear with your partner(s) about safe words and safe signals.  If you have questions, ask one of the temple workers.


Communication is crucial.  Obtain permission with fellow players about specific acts that you want to engage.  It is ok to invite others into your play scene.  This can be a verbal or non-verbal communication.  The key is to communicate and receive/give feedback on all communications before taking actions.  The important thing is to communicate, provide feedback to double check communications, and obtain permission before engaging in behaviors with others.  You cannot undo a behavior.


Do not interrupt a scene that is in progress.  


Casual conversation is not permitted during play activities.  You are welcome to softly drum, chant, or create sounds which add to the erotic environment, as long as it is not obtrusive to those playing in scene.


Breaking any of these principles are grounds for expulsion.  You will be asked to leave without further discussion.  I will be happy to discuss the matter after the event if you so desire.  Contact Ladyboy Gigi at


Enter with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.  Do not bring negative issues into this space.  This is a sex positive environment.  Enjoy yourself and have fun on your adventure!

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