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Aphrodite’s Temple Virtual Gathering


The Aphrodite's Temple Virtual Gatherings have been temporarily discontinued.  We are changing our sign-up procedures for attending virtual gatherings.  To attend future virtual gatherings, sign up below and you will be placed on our waiting list.  Please read and familiarize yourself with Aphrodite's Temple Principles if you want to attend Aphrodite's Temple.


When we resume the virtual gathering schedule, each person on the waiting list will be contacted to schedule a Discovery Call to determine if Aphrodite's Temple Gatherings are a good fit with each of you.  All attendees are required to agree with Aphrodite's Temple Principles.

Use the form below if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.  We love feedback and suggestions.  


Our next in-person gathering will occur at UnBroken Spring, a Burning Man event.  Aphrodite's Temple will be featured as a theme camp at UnBroken Spring.



To attend, you agree to follow Aphrodite’s Temple Principles


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