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Ladyboy Gigi sitting on a play bench.

September 23, 1955

The Autumnal Equinox - The Day of Calling


A hermaphrodite was born on a day of the balance of light and dark.


There is a power in naming!  Here are some of the names I reclaim:


I am a priestess of the sacred harlot.  


I am a hermaphrodite shaman and a sexual shapeshifter. 


I am an energy being within a physical body.  


I walk in the material world and travel in the non-material realm of the spirit.  


I am a healer and my body is a sacred temple.  I serve as a safe container.  


My hermaphrodite nature emanates from my core identity forming an energy bridge between the feminine mysteries and the masculine mysteries.  


I reclaim my purpose and function as a hermaphrodite, a two-spirit-being in my dedication as a sacred harlot, providing temple services to all who enter the sacred space of Aphrodite’s Temple.


In addition:


Ladyboy Gigi is a certified sexologist and a certified sex coach.  Learn about Sex Coaching Here.


In 1999, Gigi, Wendy Curry, and Michael Page launched Celebrate Bisexuality Day.


Ladyboy Gigi’s podcast, Adult Bedtime Stories is a show that provides the sexual education you should have gotten in school but didn’t.


Ladyboy Gigi provides individualized confidential Sex Coaching services.

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