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The Body Image Healing Training Program


Would you like to remove the shackles from living in the dark ages of sexuality?


Which statements do you identify with (pick all that apply):


I am sexy and beautiful!

I love sex and I have an amazing sex drive.

I love my body just as it is. 

My body is beautiful in both form and function.


If you don’t identify with all the above statements, it is not your fault.  We all live in a sex-negative culture.  We are all influenced by sex-negative social conditioning which strips away these values and replaces them with a devalued sense of our bodies.

I don’t know how you feel about this, but I think there is a better method.  I would like to invite you to join me in developing a sex-positive body image, feeling beautiful and sexy.

The Body Image Healing Training Program is for people who would like to feel attractive and beautiful.

Autumn Sale Price $20.00 for a limited time only.

A sexy woman's belly.
A woman's face surrounded by cellophane.

The Erotic Body Map Training Program


The Erotic Body Map Training Program provides a transformation to living a sex-positive lifestyle and improve sensual communication skills for both singles and couples.  Learn techniques that will improve your sex life as well as your partner’s.

The Erotic Body Map Training Program provides step by step training to identify one's personal erogenous zones, even areas that you didn’t know about and create a body map.  Erotic Body Map Training Program removes the awkwardness of talking about sex with a partner. By utilizing verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, you each can learn how to give and receive more of what each of you desire to reach heightened states of sexual ecstasy.  

Autumn Sales Price $20.00 for a limited time only.


The Guided Erotic Meditation

Raven’s Lair proudly presents a Guided Erotic Meditation.  Use this guided meditation to raise erotic energy daily.  The recording is about 24 minutes long.

By raising erotic energy daily, you will obtain the following benefits:


Raise Happiness

Raise Self-Confidence

Raise Sex Drive

Release more "Feel Good" chemicals in the brain


Try performing the guided meditation for 30 days and see what a difference this practice will bring about in your life.

Price $12.95

A joyous woman dancing in nature.

Sexual Affirmations Training Program

Would you like to become more attuned to your sexual body? Would you like to develop better attitudes around sex? 


Sexual Affirmations are for individuals who want to develop healthy attitudes and values about sex that is free of shame and guilt. Start living a sex positive lifestyle and join a sex positive movement to experience sexual ecstasy as a celebration of being who you are. 


By stating these affirmations daily, you will transform how you feel about sex and develop the attitude of freedom of sexual expression between consenting adults.

Autumn Sales Price $20.00 for a limited time only.

A sexy woman lounging on her bed.

Sex Positive Training Program Bundle

The Sex Positive Training Program includes all the trainings mentioned above plus much more.  Contained in the Sex Positive Training Program are the elements and practices one needs to live a sex positive life and exercises to enrich your sexual experience.  By completing this training, you will develop the sexual skills that will transform your sex life.

There are 5 sections of training which are designed to provide the tools to gain amazing sexual experiences, orgasms, and reach a profound level of erotic ecstasy.  

In the Sexual Development section, we cover raising erotic energy, erotic morning affirmations, sexual exercises, and erotic meditation.

The next section of training is Sexual Communications which covers the erotic body map and exercises to identify pleasuring techniques.  Once identified, the training provides the tools to communicate verbally and non-verbally the sexual techniques to your partner.

The next section is Psychosexual Healing which covers body image healing and sexual taboos.  

The fourth section is on Sacred Sexuality which includes the non-genital orgasm which is a method to experience an energy orgasm and developing practices which bring sacredness to sexuality.

In Sexual Explorations, you will learn about alternative relationship models, BDSM, and developing a sex positive community.

Congratulations on starting this training.  Be sure to complete all the action step exercises as they are the foundation of the training.  If you don’t complete the action step exercises, you won’t achieve the full benefits of the training.  

The action step exercises are designed to provide you with amazing sexual experiences and fully develop your sexual skills.  They are the tools that I can provide, but you must use the tools if you want to grow and learn.

Price $125.95

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