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Welcome to Aphrodite’s Temple!

I am Ladyboy Gigi, CSC 

Anal Pleasures


Anal Pleasures is now released.  Watch a short video to learn about the Anal Pleasures Training.


Anal Pleasures is a video educational journey into anal play and anal sex.  The training includes learning about anal anatomy for women and men.  It covers both Tantric and Taoist techniques to maximize pleasure in spiritual sexuality.  The education includes how to perform a Taoist anal massage, utilizing what I call Tantric Circles, and breathing techniques.


Learn about new techniques to stimulate the body.  The video covers how to locate and stimulate areas around and inside the anus to discover erotic sensations which bring about a whole new sexual experience and pleasures.  


Anal pleasures include worksheets and written materials.  These materials aide in learning about anal anatomy.  This isn’t the anatomy lessons you get in school.  The anal anatomy section provides information that is easy to understand where and how to stimulate inside the rectum to reach erotic ecstasy and experience orgasmic bliss at a whole new level.  I believe in safety and provide a whole section on anal safety.  


If you are into sex toys, I include a section on anal toys to explore.  There is even a toy that I use that brings wonder to all who observe its use, but you will need to see the video for more information about that.


The last section covers anal pleasures variations.  In this section I cover different activities to try out.  These variations are included to spark your imagination in discovering amazing adventures in anal play and anal sex.


Discover the art of anal stimulation and experience a whole new form of sexual expression to explore either solo or with your partner(s).


Anal Pleasures is now released with a special introductory offer. The sales price won't last long.  Watch a short video to learn about Anal Pleasures and order Anal Pleasures today!

Ancient Temple

Aphrodite’s Temple is a modern-day sex temple loosely based on ancient sex temples.  

In our sex negative culture, we are living in the dark ages when it comes to sexuality.  In our sex negative culture sex equals sin.


We receive little or no sex education.  In every other human endeavor, the common process is to study, practice, and learn all we can about a subject.  We seek out experts and seek hands-on training.  We practice and hone our skills with guidance and supervision.  Yet, when it comes to sex, we are expected to know by instinct how to be a great lover without training or practice.


In our modern culture, sex is restricted by taboos, social conditioning, and conservative moral views.  By the way, where did the conservative moral views about sex come from? 


Even within our medical and mental health systems, sex is not an issue that most professionals have the knowledge or training to provide services around sexual issues.

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In our sex negative culture, beauty and sexiness is based on unattainable Hollywood standards.  How can a person measure up and feel gorgeous, alluring, and sexy when body beautiful has a host of beauty experts defining and supporting all aspects of the beauty portrayed?


Have you been told you are too young or to old when it comes to sex?  What is the magic age when you are just right?  Healthy sexuality is our human right for our entire lifespan.

There is a better method.  Isn’t it time we come out of the dark ages of sexuality?    


By participating in Aphrodite’s Temple, we can learn and discover erotic practices to reach sexual enlightenment!


Our vision is to create a community of kindred spirits who join together to experience sacred sexual knowledge and experiences.  Are you ready to join a community of kindred spirits who are on the path to sexual enlightenment?  Are you ready to reach higher consciousness through ecstasy and carnal pleasures of the flesh?

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How it works:  On the last Sunday of each month we create a virtual container to explore, learn, and experience sexual enlightenment.  To become a participant, you must read and agree to Aphrodite’s Temple Principles.  Then sign up on the sign-up form. We review your answers on the sign up form as part of our screening process.  Once you are approved, you will then receive an email with the link for joining us for Aphrodite's Temple events on Zoom. 


Aphrodite’s Temple is a safe space.  Confidentiality and safety are standards that are enforced.  Not all who apply are approved.  Aphrodite’s Temple is not for everyone.    Aphrodite’s Temple utilizes a screening process to ensure that each participant is a good fit and will benefit from the events and training.


Welcome to the new age of sexual enlightenment.  

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Aphrodite’s Temple gatherings start at 1:00 pm Central Time and usually last for 3 hours on the last Sunday of each month.


On the events page we will list the schedule of activities for the upcoming gathering.

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Join our podcast about adult sexual education.  Learn sexual techniques and discover how to live a sex positive lifestyle free of shame and guilt.  Celebrate the gifts of erotic arts and how to reach erotic ecstasy.